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(Unboxed) Apple MK0C2ZM/A Pencil for Apple iPad Pro (White)

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Compatibility: iPad Models : iPad Pro 10.5-inch, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd Generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st Generation), iPad Pro 9.7-inch Apple Pencil expands the power of iPad Pro and opens up new creative possibilities, it's sensitive to pressure and tilt so you can easily vary line weight, create subtle shading and produce a wide range of artistic effects - just like with a conventional pencil, but with pixel-perfect precision What?s in the Box: Apple Pencil

When using iPad Pro, there may be moments when you want even greater precision. So we painstakingly designed Apple Pencil to expand on the versatility of Multi-Touch. And while the technology inside is unlike anything we've ever engineered, picking up Apple Pencil for the first time feels instantly familiar. It lets you make any number of effects, right down to a single pixel, giving you more creative freedom than ever before. Add Apple Pencil. Erase barriers. You may never have seen Apple Pencil before, but you already know how to use it. From the first moment, it does what you expect. And then far more. Whether you're sketching in the park, painting a watercolour portrait, or drafting a blueprint, Apple Pencil gives you a variety of tools in a single instrument. You hold it, but it doesn't hold you back. Highly responsive. Virtually no lag. The lightning-fast responsiveness of Apple Pencil separates it from other creative tools. That's because its latency - the tiny delay between when you begin drawing and the time it appears on the screen -has been reduced to an almost imperceptible level. IPad Pro knows whether you're using your finger or Apple Pencil. When iPad Pro senses Apple Pencil, the subsystem scans its signal at an astounding 240 times per second, giving it twice the data points it normally collects with your finger. This data, combined with Apple-designed software, means that there's only milliseconds between the image you have in your min.

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Apple Pencil

If you are using the iPad Pro, you sometimes need more precision. That's why we have the Apple Pencil so designed that it makes multi-touch even more versatile. Although the technology in Apple Pencil is different than anything we've ever developed, it still feels familiar at when you take it for the first time in the hand. So you can implement countless effects with pixel accuracy and have more creative freedom than ever before. Even if you see the Apple Pencil restarted, you already know anyway, how to use it. From the first moment he does exactly what you expect from him. And much more. Whether you and doodle in the park something a portrait with watercolors paint or recreating a technical drawing - the Apple Pencil is many tools in one. And so can your creativity run wild.

<div class= The Apple Pencil distinguished by its lightning-fast response time of other creative tools. This is due to its latency - the tiny delay until your drawing appears on the display - we have reduced so much that you can hardly perceive. The iPad Pro knows if you use your finger or the Apple Pencil. When the iPad per Apple Pencil noticed his signal impressive 240 times per second is scanned. That is twice as many data points as with your fingers. Together with developed by Apple software leads to the fact that between the image in your head and are on display only milliseconds.

<div class= The thin case contains complex and precise pressure sensors that can measure various forces. The cleverly placed sensor detects exactly how tight the top of the Apple Pencil is pressed. With more pressure you paint thicker lines. Less pressure creates thinner lines. So the creative effects know almost no bounds. And your creativity is not well. Light shade by a slightly different angle. Two tilt sensors in the tip of the Apple Pencil calculate the precise alignment and angle of your hand. While you write or draw naturally, the multi-touch screen detects the relative position of these sensors. So you generate shades simply by the fact that you tend to Apple Pencil. Just like with a pencil or charcoal.


Model Name
  • Pencil (1st Gen) for iPad
Suitable For
  • iPad 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th gen, iPad Pro 1st, 2nd gen, iPad Air 3rd gen and iPad mini 5th gen
Utility Features
  • Magnetically Attached Cap, onnections: Bluetooth, Lightning Connector
  • White
Model ID
  • MK0C2ZM/A

Additional Features

  • It is Sensitive to Pressure, Pixel Perfect Precision


  • 17.57 cm
  • 0.89 cm
  • 20.7 g


Warranty Summary
  • Domestic 3 Months seller warranty
Warranty Service Type
  • For Support Please Reach out to Rocking deals customer support 9811003237
Covered in Warranty
  • Warranty of the Product is Limited to Manufacturing Defects Only
Not Covered in Warranty
  • Physical Damage/ Electrical Burnt/ Water Immersion
Domestic Warranty
  • 3 Months seller warranty


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If you’re into graphic designing or you like sketching and painting, then this stylus from Apple can become your most trusted tool. It expands the efficiency of your iPad Pro to open up a world of creative possibilities. Featuring lightning-fast responsiveness, this Apple Pencil reduces any latency when you're creating on your iPad Pro. With two tilt sensors built into the tip, this stylus easily calculates the exact orientation and angle of your hand to create beautiful shading effects. Its pressure sensors are carefully positioned to accurately determine how hard the tip of the Pencil is being pressed down. Its rechargeable battery lasts for up to 12 hours after a full charge.

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