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Livpure TruAir Portable Room Air Purifier (White)

₹ 8999 ₹ 4500


  • 300 sq ft :Suitable for a Medium size room
  • Composite Filter, HEPA : Combines many filters to fight maximum alllergens
  • 200 CMH : Large rooms need higher CADR ratings to filter more air per min

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HEPA based composite filter. HEPA based 4 stage purification. Particle sensor. Temperature sensor and indicator, PM2.5 air quality display. Auto, manual and sleep mode function selection. Up to 8 hr timer. Coloured digital display. • Filters are packed in polythene for protection and the same need to be removed for proper functioning and lead to high PM level display. • Also there is a safety switch in the unit which will stop the unit if the cover is open or not properly closed. • The unit is equipped with touch buttons and child lock function enabled by default, which will protect against the accidental key press. This need to be disabled by pressing the lock key for 3 seconds continuously or through remote. • The remote is IR remote and works on line of site within 10-15 Feet range. • During shipping there is a protector sheet inserted between the battery and the circuit for safety purpose. If the sheet is not removed, then the remote will not work.


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