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TP-Link 7W Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb with Dimmable White Light (LB100) (Open box) + 3 Months RD Warranty

₹ 2599 ₹ 1149
  • Condition - Fully Functional, Minimal Used, Visible Scratches, May have Dent on product, May have compatible accessories.
  • No Extra Hardware Required – Convenient smart Wi-Fi bulb with no extra hardware required
  • Anywhere and Anytime – Easy setup and control from anywhere with the free Kasa app
  • Save Energy – Save energy without sacrificing brightness or quality
  • Dimmable Light – Dimming flexible white light for customized lighting
  • Compatibility – Compatible with Android, iOS and Amazon Alexa

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Control your Light from Anywhere

Control your lighting from anywhere with the LB100. The smart bulb installs as easily as a standard light bulb, and connects to your home Wi-Fi in no time through the free Kasa app. Kasa also lets you manage your lights with your smartphone or tablet, including adjusting brightness and setting schedules and scenes. For added convenience, you can use your voice to control the LB100 when paired with Amazon Alexa.

Tips for Optimal Performance

- If your Wi-Fi coverage does not reach the bulb, consider a range extender

- Lamps and fixtures with metal housings may reduce Wi-Fi signals

- Ensure the bulb is within the range of your Wi-Fi connection

- Position your router as close to a common open area as possible

- Beware of turning the power on and off 3 times quickly as this will reset the device

- Do not use with dimmer switches

Easy Setup

Download the TP-Link Kasa App

Swap the Current Bulb with your New Smart Bulb

Configure Smart Bulb Preferences on the Kasa App

Manage Remotely. Works with your Existing Wi-Fi

The LB100 connects to your Wi-Fi and lets you control every aspect of your lighting from your smartphone or tablet. Whether home or away, you can always make sure your lighting is set the way you want it. Turn the lights on from your car when you arrive home at night, and make sure all your lights are switched off even when you’re already at work.

Fine-Tune your Lighting

With adjustable brightness, you can easily set the LB100 to suit your mood. Energize the room with bright light or create a relaxed environment by dimming the light. Smart Wi-Fi bulbs can also be controlled as a group, and your favorite settings can be saved as scenes accessible in Kasa. Create a theater scene that dims the lights for movie night, a party scene that enlivens rooms with bright light, and a candlelit scene that creates warm, low lighting for a romantic atmosphere.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Use the LB100 to set schedules based around your preferences and daily needs. The smart bulb can even adjust automatically to changing sunset and sunrise times so it comes on when it gets dark and turns off as the sun comes up. Improve your home security when you’re not there by scheduling your lights to turn on and off giving the appearance that you’re home.

Save Energy

With the LB100, you can track the day-to-day and historical energy use of your lighting. Plus, the smart bulb uses LEDs to reduce its power usage up to 80%. Monitor how much power the LB100 uses each month and adjust its schedules to save energy.

Control with your Voice

The Smart Bulb works directly with Amazon Alexa to manage your devices through Voice Control. Assign a name to each Smart Bulb and communicate each Bulb by name when making a voice command. You can also create a group for all your smart devices and control them all in one command.


The free Kasa app works with all TP-link smart home devices, allowing you to easily control your home from any Android or iOS device (iOS 9 or higher or Android 4.1x or higher).

No Hub Required

The LB100 works with any Wi-Fi router (2.4GHz Band) without the need for a separate hub or paid subscription service.

World’s #1 Consumer Wi-Fi Brand

Nearly half the people in the world who use Wi-Fi networking products use TP-link. With over 150,000 products shipped daily, substantial investment in research and development, and meticulous in-house design, manufacturing and testing, we’re proud to be the world leader in Wi-Fi.

*According to latest published IDC Worldwide Quarterly WLAN Tracker Report, Q3 2016 Final Release.


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