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(Refurbished) iVoltaa 20x Universal Pro-Kit Macro Lens with Aluminum Body for Close-up Photography only (Black)

₹ 1399 ₹ 599
Product will be in unboxed or refurbished condition, and may have a few visible signs of earlier use. Backed by minimum 3 months Warranty provided by the Seller.

-This product has been professionally inspected and tested to be fully functional by the Sellers.


  • 100% Compatible with all Camera phones and Tablets
  • Perfectly suitable for Close-up shots of Flowers, jewellery, insects etc.
  • For extreme close up (approximately 1-2 Inches away from subject) photography only. Far away subjects (Images) will be blurred
  • Highly advanced Lens with multi-layer cinema grade glass, double sided AR+ coating and nano grinded for superior image quality.
  • HiGrip Universal lens clip - offers superior gripping power when in action mode for perfect framing
  • Durable and rugged Aluminum Housing for superior protection
  • Package Includes – 1 x Macro Lens, 1 x HiGrip Universal lens Clip, 2 x Lens Caps, 1 x Duracase Carry Case and 1 x Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloth

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Get 20x closer. The iVoltaa macro lens captures life sized images of the smallest objects. Different from traditional macro photography, this lens works best in 1-3 inch away from the subject to capture rich textures, materials, and living things that our phones were never before capable of seeing. With low distortion and the sharpest glass imaginable, the iVoltaa macro lens is perfect for capturing the tiny details that your phone will never be able to focus on. The new macro lens attaches to your phone with our universal clip, which works on any smartphone. When to use it. Flora/fauna: See the petals of a flower in all their incredible detail. Insects: Capture the tiniest of creatures with a super close-up textures: Show of the intricate stitching's of fabric or clothing. Arts and crafts: Perfect for capturing detail shots of crafts. Jewellery: Capture the finest aspects of your jewellery with a stunning new perspective.

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