Bajaj Ecolux 2U CDL CFL – (15-Watt and Pack of 10)

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Safer-no liquid mercury inside

Mercury less than 4mg

Eco-friendly due to less mercury

Reduced carbon foot print due to longer life

Lifespan: 6000 burning hours

Base Lumens: 810

Bulb Type: B22

Voltage: 220-240 volts; Wattage: 15 watts

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  • All bulbs don’t give out the same type of light. Some are brighter and cooler, while the others are dimmer and warmer. Each colour temperature is used to create a different kind of effect for your living space.
  • There are 2 popular colour temperature: Cool Daylight (7000-7500K) and Warm White (2700-3200K)
  • Before purchasing a bulb, check the Colour Temperature mentioned on your bulb to ensure you pick the right effect for your living space


Light Bulbs
Light Bulbs
Base type
  • The base connects the bulb to the lighting fixture creating a path for current to flow from the power source into the bulb
  • There are 3 popular base types: B22, E27 and E14
  • Before purchasing a bulb, check the base type mentioned on your bulb with your lighting fixture to ensure that it fits.

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Cool Day Light


15 Watts

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