Bergmann Supersonic Car Vacuum Cleaner (White) (Certified Refurbished)

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Customers who do not prefer a tight fit are advised to select a larger size than ‘M’

Heat and tear resistant

Water, dirt and oil repellent

Pre-curved fingers fit riding style

Genuine leather with durable material design

TPR finger armor to provide comfortable and flexible protection

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Bergmann Germany now brings to you supersonic – its most advanced car vacuum cleaner ever. Bergmann supersonic is made from pure virgin ABS powered by a 130W pure 100 percent copper motor. Its state-of-art, ultra-sleek design with leave your simply awestruck. Unlike other car vacuum cleaners with only a single filter, Supersonic comprises of 3-stage filter (Mesh Filter plus HEPA Filter plus Exhaust Filter) which ensures that even the smallest of the dust particle gets trapped but does not reach the motor compartment. All the filters are fully washable. One of the biggest issues in other car vacuum cleaners is that the dust falls of when the product is tilted. But in Bergmann Supersonic, the design of the product is such that the dust compartment is fully isolated and the flow of dust is only one-way. Hence the dust will not fall off when tilted. Bergmann Supersonic comprises of a 4.5m long power cord that can reach the boot of any large SUV comfortably. The power cord is also detachable so it can be tucked away neatly when not in use. This auto vacuum cleaner includes an upholstery brush and crevice nozzle. Another great aspect is that it is a ?bag less car vacuum?, which means you do not have to replace any bags. Overall a great product! Use it and you?ll fall in love with it. Important points – Sometimes, dirt particles are trapped in the invisible fibres of the car mat. To remove them, you must first agitate using the brush provided and loosen them before suction. Keep the car engine running to give maximum power to the device. Clean the filters regularly under running tap water.

The motor is large (3.6cm) as compared to motor found in other car vacuum cleaners (2.7cm generally). It is made of 100% pure copper and is high speed (27,000 rpm) & high efficiency.

Where most car vacuum cleaners contain only one filter, Bergmann Supersonic has 2 filters (Mesh Filter HEPA Filter). Both are washable.

The design of the product is such that the does not fall out from the dust box even if it is tilted or rotated.

The advanced multi-stage filtration reach the motor compartment and the product works efficiently.

The power cord is 4.5m long. Enough to reach the boot of a large SUV comfortably. Plus it’s detachable, which makes it easier to manage or stow away.

Bergmann Supersonic has been meticulously designed to ensure superb performance and comfortable operation.

You get 2 attachments (Crevice nozzle & brush) and a complimentary bag. There is also an extra fuse provided.

Bergmann Supersonic comes with a 1-Year Warranty for complete peace of mind.

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