Bose Companion 50 Multimedia Speaker System (Certified Refurbished)

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TrueSpace digital processing circuitry produces riveting sound that envelops you, plus strong center imaging – delivering much of the acoustic performance you might expect from a five-speaker system, lets you easily enjoy premium content at your computer

Proprietary speaker arrays lets the user enjoy high-quality performance from small, elegantly designed speaker arrays that require very little desktop space and digital signal processing circuitry ensures exciting realism and consistent quality of sound

Acoustimass module enables the module to be hidden in the listening area and allows for small, visible speakers without sacrificing performance, while the energy-saving low-power mode lets the system conserve energy without any effort from the owner when idle – the system immediately wakes up when the owner is ready to listen again

No sound card upgrade, no software to load, no adapters – one simple connection delivers exhilarating sound with plug-and-play simplicity

Touch-sensitive mute on control pod – users can quickly mute the system with just a simple touch

Control Pod: Intuitively and conveniently located volume control allows owners to easily connect headphones or a second source, such as a tablet, mobile phone or portable music player

Elegant appearance with sleek look complements almost any décor while fitting neatly on a desktop and finished with graphite and silver accents

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The Bose Companion 50 multimedia speaker system is our best three-piece computer speaker system, delivering multichannel content with a spacious soundstage from just two visible speakers and a hideaway Acoustimass module. With one simple connection, you can now enjoy thrilling, enveloping audio that brings computer music, videos and games to life in vivid detail.

From the manufacturer

Companion 50 Multimedia Speaker System

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the key benefits of the Companion 50 Multimedia Speaker System?

A: The Bose Companion 50 Multimedia Speaker System was designed to deliver a spacious, immersive sound experience for computer users. Featuring a sleek, sophisticated design, the Companion 50 Multimedia Speaker System dramatically enhances the listening experience for the abundance of audio content (music, videos, games) available for the computer today. It delivers:

Enveloping Sound that Seems to Surround you:

– A dramatic sound experience from a combination of two compact array speakers and Bose TrueSpace surround digital signal processing circuitry. User enjoys a thrilling audio performance from just two visible speakers and a hideaway acoustimass module

– Deep, impactful low notes and movie/gaming special effects are cleanly and accurately reproduced by the hideaway acoustimass module

– With the broadened soundstage, you seem to hear sounds from spaces where there are no speakers

Simplified Setup and Ease of Use:

– One simple connection to the computer eliminates the usual complications of setting up a premium sound system. Contemporary industrial design blends with decor, minimizes wires and leaves desktop space clean and orderly. Array speakers are premounted on stands to deliver accurate, high-quality audio that seems to surround you with sound

– Convenient control pod puts volume control, and single-touch mute at your fingertips.

A Transformation from Computer to High-Quality Entertainment Hub:

– Music, videos, games – all audio content – sound better. Supplied control pod allows users to connect an additional source (such as a tablet, mobile phone or portable music player), making the system even more versatile

Q: How does the new Companion 50 Multimedia Speaker System work?

A: Through the combination of properly angled transducers, TrueSpace surround digital processing circuitry and the ability to send multiple signals to each speaker array, the Companion 50 Multimedia Speaker System creates a multi-channel sound experience with fewer speakers, wires and complications than a conventional five-speaker system. Less room-or wall-dependent than most traditional speaker systems, the Companion 50 Multimedia Speaker System can deliver a Bose quality sound experience in almost any setting, including open environments such as a sales floor.

Q: What is the positioning of the Companion 50 Multimedia Speaker System?

A: The Companion 50 Multimedia Speaker System is positioned as the best three-piece computer speaker system from Bose. This elegant speaker system can deliver multi-channel content with rich, enveloping sound from only two visible speakers.

Q: Who is the target customer?

A: Anyone who is interested in computer speakers should hear the Companion 50 System. Also, any person who is interested in computer speakers who uses a computer as an entertainment device and/or frequently plays music, videos, or games on his/her computer. Unlike casual listeners, these are computer users who want high-performance audio presentation from their multimedia content without the clutter of conventional computer speaker systems. These customers may have a sizable stored music collection, may use the computer for movie viewing or may use the computer for gaming. They are looking for premium sound performance for their entertainment hub.

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Companion 50


Home Audio Speaker





Memory Card Slot


Power Source

Power Cable


Grey, Silver


2.1 Channel

Other Audio Features

TrueSpace Surround Digital Signal Processing Circuitry, Proprietary Speaker Arrays, Acoustimass Module


Control Pod, Touch-sensitive Mute on Control Pod


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