Case Mate Slim Folio Flip cover for MicroMax Canvas A1 (Brown) (Brand New)

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  • Classic folio design with integrated stand
  • Slim profile with front and back device protection
  • Reusable SmartGrip adhesive technology secures your Cavnas A1 in place
  • Compatible with MicroMax Canvas A1

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Product description

Color: Brown

Instructions to use: 1. Remove the cover of the adhesive tape using the sticker “Pull Sticker” attached on the Tape. 2. Align the device with case ensuring that the Camera Hole on the cases matches with the Camera on the device. 3. Press the device, in order that the TAPE gets a hold of the device for approximately 10 seconds. 4. Tape doesn’t leave any marks or damage device in anyway whatsoever 5. Case can be removed by holding device from any edge and pulling the case out slowly 6. Case can reused any number of times as tape is reusable 7. In case tape gets dusty then wash with only water and it is ready to use again

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Slim folio

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