Casio Classwiz FX-991EX Scientific Calculator (12 Digit) Open box + 1 Months RD Warranty

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Note :- Open Box

Scientific Calcualtor

12 Digits Display

Powered By Battery

Length: 78 mm

Width: 12.7 mm

3 Months RD Warranty

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Almost everyone depends on a calculator to face their daily tasks. Whether you’re a student looking to solve your math problems or an adult who wants to calculate your bills and balance your chequebook, this scientific calculator from Casio will definitely suffice. Equipped with a High-resolution LCD, Metallic Keys, Menu Driven User Interface, and Easy-to-understand Key Notation, this calculator is a must-have device to have around the house.
High-resolution LCD

Reading even complex equations and long expressions is made easy, thanks to the high-resolution LCD featured in this calculator.

Attractive Body

The body of this calculator is applied with a special surface process which gives it its elegant texture and design.

Metallic Keys

Experience a sense of convenience and luxury with the look and feel of the metal keys.

QR Code

You can use your smartphone to scan a QR code created by this calculator and use it to view graphs or carry out statistical problems using the Statistics app in the calculator.

Easy-to-understand Key Notation

Signs and symbols used in the key notation are similar to those found in mathematics textbooks, making input quick and straightforward.

Menu-driven User Interface

With this interface, students can easily find out the required function and execute it easily.


After you’ve defined two functions and created a table value of those, you can view a graph of it by scanning the QR Code through your smart device.

Easy Access to User Manual

With the QR Code, you can also learn how to use the Statistical menu. While selecting it, create a QR Code and scan it through your smart device. You can then view the step-by-step guidelines on using the Statistical menu.

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