Generic Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale, Luggage Hanging Weight Scale, 45kg Open box + 1 Months RD Wa

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Note :- Open Box

Electronic Hanging Pocket Scale, Div 10gm ((Colour may vary)

LED display

Battery operated

There is a feature called Temperature and the buyer has to press “Pare” button for 2-3 seconds then it will display temperature.

Also measures Temperature. Press “Pare” button for 2-3 seconds to display temperature

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These scales can also be used in the modern bakery, grocery, delicatessen, seafood, meat, produce and other perishable goods departments.This scale has a sealed calibration so that the reading on the display is correct and cannot be tampered with. As inexpensive this scale is, have digital scales are the most popular kind of kitchen scales on the market today. They have LCD displays and wide, sturdy platforms. A wide range of features is available.

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150 g

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