Philips AZ380/94 CD Soundmachine 3 Months Seller Warranty(Refurb.)

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  • MP3 Link for portable music playback USB Direct for MP3/WMA music playback FM tuner for radio enjoyment
  • CD Shuffle/Repeat for personalized music enjoyment
  • Playback media: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3-CD, WMA-CD
  • USB Direct for MP3/WMA music playback
  • FM tuner for radio enjoyment


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Product description

Philips AZ380/94 CD Soundmachine

Powerful Sound to All Your MusicEnjoy the booming sound of the Philips Soundmachine with the music from your MP3 player, CD or smartphone. Equipped with 2 in-built speakers with Stereo sound system, you can enjoy your music with high definition acoustics. It has an output power of 1 W RMS. Fitted with a CD player, you can easily play your favourite CD. You can play the tracks on the CD in a sequence of your choice. MP3 and WMA file formats are compressed formats of the original larger sized files. The compression leads to deterioration of the music. With the Philips Soundmachine, you can enjoy these file formats with minimum file distortion to deliver rich and immersive sound.

Connectivity and CompatibilityThe Philips Soundmachine is fitted with USB Direct, so you can play unlimited music tracks from your pen drive. The Soundmachine sports external buttons that allow you to fast forward or go backward on your music tracks. You can select the next song or go to the previous song from your album. Repeat your favourite music track endlessly or shuffle up the playlist for random order. It offers you seamless possibilities. Loaded with FM radio, you can stay entertained for as long as you want. The soundmachine also possesses an FM antenna for flawless reception of radio signals. It has a 3.5 mm audio jack which allows you to connect your smartphone or MP3 player with the soundmachine. Enjoy Stereo sound from any device.

Portable DesignThe Philips Soundmachine has dimensions of 21.2 x 24.5 x 13 cm and weighs 1.1 kg. Such slender dimensions and light weight is accompanied by a round shape of the device that allows you to carry the sound system anywhere you want easily. The body of the Soundmachine sports an LCD display for easy navigation through FM channels or checking the current track order. The CD player is a top loader type for your easy access. You can play CD-R, CD, CD-RW, WMA-CD and MP3-CD, giving you a wide range of music compatibility. It has a power consumption of 2 W. The black finish of the soundmachine will fit well with modern decor. Enhance your music experience with the Philips AZ380/94 CD Soundmachine.

Play MP3/WMA-CD, CD and CD-RW

Audio compression technology allows large digital music files to be reduced up to 10 times in size without radically degrading their audio quality. MP3 or WMA are two of the compression formats that let you enjoy a world of digital music on your Philips player. Download MP3 or WMA songs from authorized music sites on the Internet or create your own MP3 or WMA music files by ripping your audio CDs and transferring them onto your player.

MP3 Link for Portable Music Playback

The MP3 link connectivity allows direct playback of MP3 content from portable media players. Besides the benefit of enjoying your favorite music in the superior sound quality delivered by the audio system, the MP3 link is also extremely convenient as all you have to do is to plug your portable MP3 player to the audio system.

USB Direct for MP3/WMA Music Playback

With the USB direct mode, simply plug in your USB device to the USB port on your Philips device and your digital music will be played directly from the Philips device.

CD Shuffle/Repeat for Personalized Music Enjoyment

The “Shuffle/Repeat” function helps you to get rid of the boredom of hearing your music played in the same order all the time. After loading your favorite songs to the player, all you have to do is to select one of the modes – “Shuffle” or “Repeat” for your tunes to be played in different modes order. Enjoy the different and unique music experience every time you hook up to your player.

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Model Name





CD Soundmachine


radio, mp3, aux-in




Yes, lcd display Display

Total Output Power (RMS)

2 W


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