Usha (3650) 5L Electric Pressure Cooker with 10 Built In Safety Mechanisms (Stainless Steel) (Certif

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Multiple applications: pressure cooking, cooking rice, Sauteing, Steaming, Simmering, Slow cooking, Browning, Boiling, Making soup, Warming and everything a pressure cooker can do

The safest way of pressure cooking with 10 built-in safety features

Automatic keep warm function (Upto 6 Hours)

Automatic time and pressure control: Easy usage with low monitoring and ensures your food is cooked evenly (For precision Cooking)

Automatic pressure maintenance allows the user the convenience of not having to attend to the cooking

Cooking in Usha EPC takes the guesswork out of traditional pressure cookers

Warranty – 3 Months RD Warranty

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Experience the Power of Usha EPC for Effective and Smart Cooking.

Cook something tasty and healthy every day with the all new Electric Pressure Cooker by USHA, built to match your fast-paced lifestyle. Experience the power of advanced EPC technology over traditional pressure cooker for Safe and Hassle Free Cooking!

The EPC is equipped with 10 Safety Features with respect to Electrical, Thermal and Pressure, which guarantee maximum security while cooking. So, there?s no more appliance overheating, burnt food or kitchen mishaps!

Plus, the appliance is loaded with a host of modern features to ensure that you cook your dish without having to monitor it every few minutes. This makes cooking in an EPC safe, super easy and convenient, even for beginners.

At the same time, the cooking mechanism itself ensures that the ingredients retain all their original nutritional value. Plus what you cook stays hot for up to 6 hours!

Technical Specification:

  • Capacity: 5 L
  • Wattage: 900 Watts
  • Voltage: 230 V AC
  • Frequency: 50Hz

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EPC 3650

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